In the cozy little town of Sparrow Grove, magical things are happening...


Rosemary's life is going to heck--her girlfriend dumped her, her best friend moved, and her furnace is dying a horribly expensive death. The one thing she loves--her barista job at Cozy Coffee--is being ruined by her terrible new boss. Not even the daily presence of cute student Lin can make things better.

So when Rosemary finds her grandmother's ancient spellbook, and its promise ("Fix Thine Lyfe in These Steps Numbering Seven!!"), it's worth a try. Surely a pinch of cinnamon and fairy dust can't make anything worse--right??

CAFE MAGIC is a sweet, cozy f/f romance where you make both magical drinks and good friends. (If you liked Seriously Wicked, you might enjoy this as well!) You can currently play it for free on Storyloom!


When wannabe baking influencer Sorrel receives a strange cookbook in the mail from one of her 17 Instagram followers, she's intrigued. Each of the six recipes in DESSERT DATES is guaranteed to magically bring someone fabulous into your life. (Which is good, because Sorrel's love life is pretty disastrous.)

At least she'll get some good social media content out of this--right? (Not to mention a date...or six...with a brainy boy, a funny girl, or a non-binary cutie pie?)

Sorrel will need the help of all her followers (that is to say YOU, the gameplayer!) to decide who she ends up with!

PLUM PIE MAGIC is a cozy romance game where you go on six different dates and then get to pick your favorite. (The spice level on all these games is very sweet and PG. :) You can currently play it for free on Storyloom!