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It’s Easter Sunday, and you’re spending the day with your Aunt Jo and cousin Kat on their farm. But Glitterpony Farm isn’t just any old farm: it’s filled with all kinds of strange animals. Aunt Jo leaves you and Kat in charge for the afternoon. Can you keep FancyPants McGlitterpony entertained while you help Bunnifer (aka the Easter Bunny) deliver all of her eggs? By the end of the day you find yourself at a wacky animal dance party that includes bounce bees, slimy snails, and a disco ball hamster. In other words, it’s an Easter like no other.


I had SO much fun writing this! It's a quick and fun read, aimed at 5-8 year olds. And! It's my first book full of loads of pictures! It's completely illustrated by the incredibly talented Norm Grock, and it's going to be a) gorgeous and b) a blast.