Seriously Shifted

Teenage witch Cam isn't crazy about the idea of learning magic. She'd rather be no witch than a bad one. But when a trio of her mother’s wicked witch friends decide to wreak havoc in her high school, Cam has no choice but to try to stop them. Esmerelda is the Mean Girl of the witches. Valda likes to drop anvils on people's heads. And Malkin -- well, Malkin is just plain terrifying. Their idea of fun is a little game -- they each pick a student from Cam's high school and compete to see who can make their teen the most miserable. But Cam suspects one of the witches may have ulterior motives . . . which means someone at school could be in worse danger yet.

Now Cam’s learning invisibility spells, dodging exploding cars, and pondering the ethics of love potions. All while trying to keep her grades up and go on a first date with her crush. If the witches don’t get him first, that is.

Can’t a good witch ever catch a break?

"Cam’s flippant first-person narrative rises above teen boilerplate due to the intelligence, vulnerability, and self-deprecating humor she displays. Connolly’s first-rate plotting delivers a clever story that empathizes with the self-conscious teen world even as it pokes a tiny bit of well-meaning fun. Accomplished plotting teams up with a winsome narrator to give readers a bewitching story." -- Kirkus


  • SERIOUSLY SHIFTED by Tina Connolly, Tor Teen

  • Hardcover On Sale Date: Nov 1, 2016 - 9780765383754 / 0765383756

  • Paperback On Sale Date: Nov 14, 2017 - 9780765383761 / 0765383764

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"Seriously Shifted is a fun read. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters series, or of CC Hunter’s Shadow Falls series." -- Teen Reads


"Connolly has come up with a very fun, very quirky take on witches in her newest series, Seriously Wicked, and unlike most sequels, this one can be read as a stand alone." -- My Guilty Obsession


". . . .a likable protagonist who will charm readers as she tries to navigate the hardships of being a good witch and telling her crush she likes him. A perfect fit for younger teens wanting to read up but not quite ready for older supernatural YA titles." -- Booklist