Some of the places I've taught and/or led workshops include the Clarion West One-Day Workshop, the Center for Study of Science Fiction at KU, Literary Arts, Cascade Writers, and the Willamette Writers Conference. I've also led teen writing workshops at The League of Extraordinary Writers and Young Willamette Writers. I'm co-teaching a one-week session with Caroline M. Yoachim at the 2020 Clarion West Writers Workshop.

I often teach a one-week YA novel writing workshop at KU/CSSF in June in Lawrence, Kansas. Applications generally open in January! (Please note: I will not be teaching this class in 2020, as I will be teaching at Clarion West this year.)

Tina's visit to my creative writing students was all the kids could talk about afterwards. From her tips on creating magical characters with real-life high school problems to her dishing on what it takes to make a living at something they love to do, she was inspiring and most likely influential for them.

-- Nora Brooks


  • From Idea to Story - full-day workshop co-taught with Caroline M. Yoachim, covers the basics of storytelling.
  • Switch It Up! - full-day workshop co-taught with Kate Ristau (and sometimes Alexandra Renwick!). A full day of getting unstuck, having fun, and reconnecting with what you truly love about writing.
  • How to Give a Good Writerly Presentation - 1.5-2 hour workshop discussing the basics of giving an entertaining presentation, reading aloud, and connecting with your audience.
  • Audiobook 101 - hands-on 1.5 hour workshop discussing everything you need to know to get an audiobook of your work out there; covers both DIY and hiring narrators.
  • Queries / Back Jacket Blurbs - how to condense your book into an enticing one-page pitch, whether it's for an agent, your book jacket, or Amazon.
  • Playwriting Sandbox - a fun, hour-long class for playwriting beginners. A good teen workshop.
  • Flash Fiction Workshop - the class studies examples of good flash fiction, and writes their own.
  • Magical Schools - a short, fun writing exercise I sometimes include with school visits and talks.


I also enjoy leading workshop critique sessions, where a small group of writers critiques novel partials or short stories, under my direction. And I am available for school presentations or Skype visits.

Tina taught me how to see my own writing with fresh eyes and pinpointed both its strengths and weaknesses. Her explanations and suggestions were 100% spot-on and made me a better writer. Tina's teaching style is one of candor, insight, generosity and honesty. She always keeps things positive and effective.

-- Andrew Roberts


  • If you are a teacher, librarian, or workshop organizer, please contact me if you wish to discuss availability and rates for these or other topics.
  • If you are a writer, please check the Appearances page to see the list of any classes coming up!

I workshopped the first three chapters of my novel at Norwescon with Tina Connolly. She picked up on the strengths of my writing and helped me bring those strengths into the weaker parts of my manuscript. Tina has a clever eye for the story you want to tell, and her experience with arc and form set me on a straighter path to the end of my novel.

-- Megan Lee Beals