My first full-length collection, On the Eyeball Floor and Other Stories is now out from Fairwood Press! And it received a World Fantasy Award nomination for best SFF collection! Super excited about this.

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Pipecleaner Sculptures and Other Necessary Work

  • Uncanny, December 2017. (flash)

There was so little on this ship, and everything counted. Yet she had pleaded for the children to have this work to do. Everyone needed work. Humans, children—androids.

Uncanny in November-December features a very effective story by Tina Connolly...about an android on a generation starship who faces a transition as they reach their destination.
--Rich Horton, Locus (recommended)


  • Lightspeed, Women Destroy SF! issue, June 2014. (flash)

The ad blinked at you online, between the x-ray glasses and the grainy picture of how to lose fourteen pounds and get real wings, and you gave them your father's address, because your stepfather opens your mail. 

"The mix of the spontaneously weird and the brutally mundane makes this short piece a solid one. It certainly was the bit of flash fiction that stuck with me most from the whole group. It's only a few pages, but it only needs a few pages to make its point delicately and with unflinching clarity."
-- Brit Mandelo,

On the Eyeball Floor

We've got robotic arms to put the eyeballs in. Metal clamps to pull down the eyelids. 

Connolly's story is written with a keen ear for language and presents some fascinating imagery and ideas. She is definitely a writer to keep an eye on. 
-- Jason Sanford, The Fix

Miss Violet May from the Ten Thousand Lakes

All us fellas loved Miss Violet May, right from the start. She came from the land of Twelve Thousand Lakes, came click-clackin on the train from North to South till she met worthless Sorry Joe Weevily, and he sweet-talked her into getting off and marrying him.    

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