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I've been narrating stories for awhile now and I love it. Fills the theatre void. (Well, except my microphone doesn't applaud and throw carnations, alas.)

Selected Favorites:

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toasted cake

Want to hear something short? I have a flash fiction podcast called Toasted Cake. (Winner of the 2012 Parsec award for Best New Podcast.) Here's a couple of my favorite flash fiction readings (and it was hard to pick, guys, I love them all) and there's loads more at the Toasted Cake site! 

escape pod

As of April 2016, I have a new role as one of the co-hosts of Escape Pod! Super delighted to be on the team! Check out the current episodes at

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audiobooks of my work

The whole Ironskin trilogy was narrated by the amazing Rosalyn Landor.

I get a lot of questions about audiobooks for the Seriously Wicked series - I've been wanting to do these myself! But...yeah, am behind. Two small children, what can I say. ;)