the SERIOUSLY series

The only thing worse than being a witch is living with one.

This book contains:

        • 1 sweet boy-band boy
        • 1 dragon who lives in an RV garage
        • 1 demon who occasionally imitates Elvis
        • 1 hidden phoenix that’s going to explode on Halloween
        • 1 witch who just wants to run the whole city, sheesh, is that too much to ask?
        • 1 girl named Cam trying to fix it all

Seriously Wicked is NOW OUT! Find it here!

"In Connolly’s witty, effervescent novel, mother-daughter angst and high school drama is spiced with a 21st-century flavor. The author constructs a magical and whimsical world, where ancient spells echo math word problems and Witchipedia is just a cell phone click away. Readers, especially those who are fans of fantasy and YA romance will adore this clever genre mash-up." --School Library Journal

the IRONSKIN series

In a world torn apart by a Great War with the fey, Jane Eliot wears an iron mask...

"This lyrical and utterly marvelous debut is one of the standout books of the year." -- RT Book Reviews, on Ironskin

" amazing, exciting, imaginative, and empowering story. " -- SBTB, on Copperhead

"...a consistently engaging and entertaining series closer." -- RT Book Reviews, on Silverblind