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January News:

New Year! Come see our show BOX at the Hipbone Theatre in Portland - it's a *serial* show in 3 parts, so be sure to come all 3 nights - Mon Jan 26, Mon Feb 2, and Mon Feb 9. Co-written with Matt Haynes and produced as part of Portland's Fertile Ground fringe festival.

My flash story "Paperheart" is live at Podcastle, read by the inimitable M.K. Hobson.

Hear me reading At the World Tree Hotel by Claude Lalumiere at 3 Lobed Burning Eye

Check out the December short podcasts at Toasted Cake - wintry stories from Michelle Muenzler and Siobhan Gallagher.

December News:

My story "On the Eyeball Floor" (first right here in Strange Horizons), has just been published in Hebrew in Bli-Panika!

Caroline M. Yoachim and I sold another co-written story! This one is a flash story called "Coin Flips" and we sold it to Daily SF. I wonder if there are any other co-written flash stories in existence, or if we are THE FIRST.

I recorded a really lovely story by Desirina Boskovich for Podcastle called Thirteen Incantations. Go, listen!

Check out the November short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from David Steffen and Sean Tanner!

November News:

I'll be at World Fantasy in DC this month! Find me at my panel on Adoption & Fostering in Fantasy from 12-1 on Friday, or at the mass autographing session that night.

My funny short story, "Super-Baby-Moms Group Saves the Day", is now out in the UFO 3 anthology, and I also just sold the rights to Podcastle!

Check out the October short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from Rose Lemberg, Alisa Alering, and more!

October News:

The biggest news is that SILVERBLIND comes out on October 7th! There's a reading at Powells Cedar Hills the same night at 7pm. Come if you're in town! This completes the IRONSKIN series, and though I'm sorry to wrap it up, it was also lovely and exciting to finally to tell a grown-up Dorie's story. Dorie just wants to hunt wyverns and basilisks, but when they won't hire a girl for field work, she shapeshifts to disguise herself as a boy . . . .

A few of the things people have been saying:

...a consistently engaging and entertaining series closer. -- RT Book Reviews

...an appealing heroine...a vivid world intriguingly altered from our own history by contact with the fey. -- Library Journal

...Dorie's character is beautifully described...No understanding of the previous books is required, as this story stands alone. --Booklist

(check out the full reviews on the Silverblind page!)

The second biggest news is that I now have a cover for Seriously Wicked! It's darling and perfect for the book - check it out. Seriously Wicked comes out in May from Tor Teen.

I read a very cool alternate history story by Angela Ambroz - The Good Deaths, Part II - for Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

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September News:

The paperback of COPPERHEAD comes out this month! If you haven't checked it out yet, there will never be a better time!

Delighted to sell podcast rights for my flash story "Paperheart" to Podcastle!

I'm one of the readers for Pseudopod's 400th episode! It's Tiptree's The Screwfly Solution, which I adore and was thrilled to help read.

I'm also one of the readers for the audiobook of The End Is Now, which is coming out this month.

Check out the August short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from Amal El-Mohtar, Alex Shvartsman, Caroline M. Yoachim, and more!

August News:

Find me at the Ledding Library in Milwaukie Oregon this month for a talk about the IRONSKIN series. Aug 7th, 7-8pm.

I'm part of the stretch goals for Alex Shvartsman's Kickstarter for his new collection, Explaining Chthulu to Grandma and Other Stories - support it and you could get an audiobook read by me!

I had a lovely time teaching at the Cascade Writers Workshop - highly recommend it if you're looking for a weekend writing conference!

Check out the July short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from Ken Liu, Nathaniel Lee, and more!

July News:

I'll be a workshop leader this month at the Cascade Writers Workshop in Kent, WA! Looking forward to it.

My flash story "See DANGEROUS EARTH-POSSIBLES!" is now out from Lightspeed, in the Women Destroy SF issue!

New podcast! I recorded Richard Farren Barber's "Party Games" for Pseudopod.

Check out the June short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Vajra Chandrasekera, and more!

June News:

Let's see, what's up this month? Currently working on a number of different collaborations (story, novelette, novel, and play - that covers about everything! Guess I should co-write a poem next. . . .) Turned in my copyedits for Silverblind, and currently in discussions with my editor for the cover art for Seriously Wicked! Excited!

Gearing up to teach at the Cascade Writers Workshop in July in Kent, WA! I was a workshop leader for CWW a couple years ago and it's a great little conference. There are still a few spots left!

New podcast! I recorded M. Bennardo's "The Use and the Need" for Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Check out the May short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from Sarah Pinsker, LiAnn Yim, and more!

May News:

I wrote and sold a brand-new story! "Super-Baby-Moms Group Saves the Day!", to the UFO3 humor anthology from Alex Shvartsman!

New podcast! Hear me read "The Teashop" by Zoran Zivkovic for Far-Fetched Fables, the new fantasy podcast in the District of Wonders universe! Airing May 13.

Check out the April short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from Stephanie Burgis, Deborah Walker, and Cat Rambo!

April News:

Hear me read two stories for Beneath Ceaseless Skies! The Breath of War, by Aliette de Bodard, and The River Does Not Run by Rachel Sobel.

Then, hear me read a flash story for Cast of Wonders, Pictures in Crayon, by Elizabeth Shack.

AND THEN, you can hear one of my stories! A Memory of Seafood, my MFK Fisher-esque food column, is read by Kelley MacAvaney for Drabblecast.

I sold a flash story, "See DANGEROUS EARTH-POSSIBLES!" to the Lightspeed Women Destroy SF! issue! Thrilled to be a part of that destruction.

Check out the March short podcasts at Toasted Cake - a story from Lee Hallison, and our ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE, a story from Erica L. Satifka!

March News:

COPPERHEAD will be released in the UK on March 6th! Go check out the gorgeous cover they've done for this book and for IRONSKIN.

US SILVERBLIND cover! It's gorgeous and it's here!

First translation! My short story "On the Eyeball Floor" (originally here in Strange Horizons) is now out in the Argentinian magazine La Idea Fija.

And on the heels of that . . . second translation! My short story "Turning the Apples" (originally here in Strange Horizons) is now out in the Finnish magazine Spin.

In other Strange Horizons-related news, I narrated a great little poem for them, Food Diary of Gark the Troll, by Jessy Randall, for their February poetry issue.

My flash story "Miss Violet May from the Ten Thousand Lakes" is now out in Daily SF!

Check out the February short podcasts at Toasted Cake - a story from K. G. Jewell, read by David Levine!

February News:

COPPERHEAD reading! Here in Portland - well, Beaverton - at the Cedar Hills Powell's, on February 3rd at 7pm. Since I had a new baby the same week the book released, this is my only Copperhead event. Please come and help me celebrate getting out of the house for one night! I would love to see you there!

Podcasts! You can hear Flash Bang Remember, (written with my friend Caroline M. Yoachim) on Starship Sofa. And I sold a reprint of "A Memory of Seafood" to Drabblecast for their March "Women and Aliens" month. It's my SFnal homage to vintage food/dining columns. You know, MFK Fisher et al. This originally appeared in a little print 'zine, so I'm excited for more folks to hear it.

Check out the January short podcasts at Toasted Cake - stories from Caroline M. Yoachim and Gary Cuba!

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