Scales & Other Transformations

scales and other transformations

Scales and Other Transformations

Seven tales of shapeshifters in this first mini collection from Tina Connolly, including an all-new original story, "Scales and Honor."

This project was made available to Six by Six Kickstarter supporters in April 2015. Since I have a full-length collection coming out in 2016, I plan to wait and post this to Amazon in 2017. I may also use it as a giveaway between now and then. (Sign up for the newsletter if you want to stay tuned!)

        • A family of women who become dragons.
        • A world where body mods have gone too far.
        • A man whose shifts change him into a bear. A defense attorney. A skyhook.

Full lineup includes:

  • Hard Choices
  • Moon at the Starry Diner
  • One Ear Back
  • As We Report to Gabriel
  • Silverfin Harbor
  • Paperheart
  • Scales and Honor

Scales and Other Transformations highlights Tina Connolly's versatility and range with stories featuring fairies, body modification, dragons, and more. Connolly creates worlds that are imaginative and playful with hints of darkness beneath the surface, reminiscent of Kelly Link.

--Caroline M. Yoachim, Nebula-nominated author of "Stone Wall Truth"

"An original and quite charming story about fairies... The telling is delightful and the depiction of the nature of fairies is original and unexpected.... Recommended."

-- Rich Horton, Locus, on "As We Report to Gabriel"

"A short, poetic story, woven through with myth and magic. ... Mysterious and sad, this is an excellent little story."

-- Christopher Frost, Neon Magazine, on "Paperheart"