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Mark Bukovec

Ben Burgis has a blog.

"Still Small Voice", Podcastle, Nov 2011.
"After October", Giganotosaurus and Podcastle, June 2011.
"Smokestacks Like The Arms Of Gods", Podcastle, 30 Mar 2010. Reprinted in Jenny, Fall 2010.
"Broken in the Shadow of Mind", Afterburn SF, Feb 2010.
"The Time Traveler", Thaumatrope, 1 Jan 2010.
"Five Weird Things", flash, podcast at Starship Sofa, 21 Oct 2009.
"Dark Coffee, Bright Light and the Paradoxes of Omnipotence", Atomjack, Oct 2009. Reprinted in PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, ed. Rachel Swirsky and Sean Wallace, Prime Books, Dec 2010.
"The True Meaning of K-Day, Diet Soap, 27 Nov 2008.
"Sing, Goddess, Sing Me To The Stars", Flytrap #10, Nov 2008. Abridged podcast plus interview in Diet Soap, 30 Sept 2009. (CW Week 4 Story)
"T-Shirts, Tentacles and the Melting Point of Steel", Atomjack, Aug 2008.
"Of Rum, Madness, Thunderstorms, and Prayer", Atomjack, Nov 2007.
"Three Perspectives on the Role of the Anarchists in the Zombie Apocalypse", Afterburn SF, July 2007. Reprinted in Tales of the Zombie Wars, 2008 2nd place.
"David and His Zebra", Revolution SF, 1st place, Nov 2006. (CW Week 6 Story)
"Dreaming of a Gray Enemy", Afterburn SF, May 2006. (CW Submission Story)
"The Star Inside the Swastika", Dragons, Knights, and Angels, Jan 2006.
"How to Light a Cigar", Walking Bones, Nov 2005.

Tina Connolly has a blog and a website.

Fantasy novel IRONSKIN plus a sequel, forthcoming from TOR Books in 2012 & 2013.
"Inflection", Daily SF, forthcoming.
"Golden Apples", Scheherezade's Bequest, forthcoming May 2012.
"Selling Home", Bull Spec, Autumn 2011.
"Silverfin Harbour", THE END OF AN AEON, ed. Bridget & Marti McKenna, Fairwood Press, July 2011. (CW Week 5 Story)
"As We Report to Gabriel", Fantasy, 3 January 2011. (CW Week 3 Story)
"Recalculating", Brain Harvest, 20 June 2010. After Ever After, forthcoming.
"Zebedee the Giant Man", On Spec, Spring 2010.
"Child of Sunlight, Woman of Blood", Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 3 Dec 2009.
"On Glicker Street", ESCAPE CLAUSE, Ink Oink Art Inc., ed. Clelie Rich, Oct 2009.
"The King of Halloween", Highlights, Oct 2009.
"And My Sinuses...." (poem), Asimov's, Aug 2009.
"Hard Choices", Brain Harvest, 7 June 2009. Podcast in Drabblecast, May 2011.
"Birthday Wish", Podcastle, 3 April 2009.
"Turning the Apples", Strange Horizons, 30 Mar 2009. Podcast at Pseudopod, 15 Jan 2010.
"The God-Death of Halla", Beneath Ceaseless Skies #5, 4 Dec 2008. Also available as a podcast. (CW Week 6 Story)
"Facts of Bone", GUD Magazine #3, Autumn 2008. (CW Week 2 Story)
"A Day Out, With Stereoscopes", Birkensnake #1, July 2008. Podcast in Drabblecast, May 2011.
"The Bitrunners", Helix #9, Summer 2008, available to read at Transcriptase. Reprinted in UNPLUGGED: Web's Best SF 2008, Wyrm Publishing, ed. Rich Horton. (Honorable Mention, YEAR'S BEST SF 26, ed. Gardner Dozois. Honorable Mention, YEAR'S BEST SF & F 2009, ed. Rich Horton.)
"On the Eyeball Floor", Strange Horizons, 2 June 2008. Podcast in Escape Pod, 30 July 2009. (Honorable Mention (Extended List), YEAR'S BEST HORROR, vol 1, ed. Ellen Datlow.)
"How to Walk in Heels" (poem), Diet Soap #2, May 2008.
"The Salivary Reflex", GUD Magazine #2, Spring 2008. (CW Submission Story)
"The Goats are Going Places", Shiny #2, Dec 2007. Podcast in Podcastle # 108, 16 June 2010
"Moon at the Starry Diner", Heliotrope, Nov 2007. (CW Week 4 Story)
"Growing Days" (poem), Strange Horizons, 30 July 2007.
"Sufficient Cause", The Town Drunk, May 2007.
"Rehydration" (poem), Strange Horizons, 9 April 2007.
"A Memory of Seafood", Yog's Notebook #1, Spring 2007.
"It Could Happen", The Town Drunk, Sept 2006.
"A Buildup of Days", Son and Foe, Winter 2005.
"Love at Second Sight", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #18, Apr 2005.

Tristan F. Davenport

"To Rule, Do Nothing", TRIANGULATION: Last Contact, Parsec Ink, ed. Bill Moran, forthcoming.
"The Age of Momentum", Nature, forthcoming.
"Oak with the Left Hand", ANYWHERE BUT HERE, anthology from Coeur de Lion, ed. Keith Stevenson, forthcoming. (CW Week 4 Story)
"The Mirror, The Motor, The Mind", Beneath Ceaseless Skies #36, 11 Feb 2010.
"Jenna's Clocks", Nature Vol. 463, 3 Feb 2010. Forthcoming in Escape Pod.
"Nature's Children", GUD Magazine #5, Winter 2009.
"Bryson Feeds Families", Black Static #12, Aug/Sept 2009. (CW Week 5 Story)
"Maya's World", GUD Magazine #4, Spring 2009. Translated for the Greek magazine Ennea, #440. Forthcoming as a podcast at Starship Sofa.
"Penance", Nature, February 2009.
"Moth's Flame", Flytrap #10, Nov 2008.
"Elysium", BARREN WORLDS, Hadley Rille, ed. Eric T. Reynolds, July 2008.
"La Sequia", Postcards From Hell, Apr 2008.
"The Price of Peace", RUINS EXTRATERRESTIAL, Hadley Rille, ed. Eric T. Reynolds, Oct 2007.
"Terminus", Chiaroscuro, Jan 2006. (Honorable Mention, YBF&H 2006, ed. Ellen Datlow.) (CW Submission Story)

Rebecca Gold

Nicole Gresham

Guy Immega

"A Little Knowledge", Postscripts #14, Spring 2008. Honorable Mention, YBSF 26, ed. Gardner Dozois. (CW Week 6 Story)

Julie McGalliard has a website.

"98 Hill", SPACE GRUNTS, Flying Pen Press, ed. Dayton Ward, May 2009.
"Persephone Eats Winter", Talebones #37, Fall 2008. (Honorable Mention (Extended List), Best Horror of the Year, vol 1, ed. Ellen Datlow.)
"Flowers of the Sorcerous Moon", Talebones #25, Fall 2002.

Ian McHugh has a website.

"The Navigator and the Sky", GigaNotoSaurus, forthcoming.
"Hammer of the Asherene", Aberrant Dreams, forthcoming.
"Rust Night", Cosmos Online, forthcoming.
"The Godbreaker of Seggau-li", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, forthcoming.
"Dancing the Labyrinth", Tales of Moreauvia, forthcoming.
"The Wishwriter's Wife", Daily SF, 19 July 2011.
"Boumee and the Apes", Analog, May 2011.
"Interloper", Asimov's, Jan 2011. Aurealis nominee, 2011.
"Red Dirt", Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Dec 2010.
"Annicca", GUD Magazine #6, Fall 2010. (CW Week 2 Story)
"The Promises of Avalae", Blood & Devotion, anthology from Fantasist Enterprises, summer 2010.
"Songdogs", Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 8 Oct 2009. Podcast in Podcastle, 2 Nov 2010. Honorable Mention, YBSF 27, ed. Gardner Dozois.
"Once A Month, On A Sunday...", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #40, Sept 2009. Reprinted in Australis Imaginarium, forthcoming Aug 2010. Joint winner of the 2009 Fantasy Short Story Aurealis award.
"Angel Dust", Clockwork Phoenix 2, Norilana Books, ed. Mike Allen, July 2009. Forthcoming in Sniplits.
"Sleepless in the Tower of Ye", Asimov's, July 2009. Translated for the Russian magazine Esli. Honorable Mention, YBSF 27, ed. Gardner Dozois. (CW Week 5 Story)
"Stiletto", GUD Magazine #4, Spring 2009. Forthcoming as a podcast in Cossmass Infinities. (CW Week 4 Story)
"Bitter Dreams", Writers of the Future XXIV, Galaxy Press, Sept 2008, available to read on Ian's website. Forthcoming as a podcast from SFZine. Forthcoming in Year's Best Australian SF & F 5. (WotF Gold Prize winner, 2008 Aurealis Awards finalist, Honorable Mention in Best Horror of the Year, vol 1, ed. Ellen Datlow.)
"The Greatest Adventure of All", Coyote Wild, Autumn 2007. Podcast at Pseudopod, 20 Feb 2009. (Honorable Mention, YBF&H #21)
"Requiem in D-Minor (for prions, whale and burning bush)", Hub Magazine, 15 Sept 2007. Podcast at Escape Pod, 25 June 2009.
"The Dao of Stones", Challenging Destiny, August 2007, available to read on Ian's website. (CW Submission Story)
"Grace", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #28, Apr/May 2007, available to read on Ian's website. Translated for the Greek magazine Ennea, Dec 2009. (Honorable Mention, YBF&H #21)
"The Last Day of Rea", Twenty Epics, All Star Stories, ed. David Moles & Susan Groppi, 2006, available to read on Ian's website.
"The Alchemical Automaton Blues", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #15, Oct/Nov 2004, available to read on Ian's website. Forthcoming as a podcast from Drabblecast. (Honourable Mention, Year's Best Australian SF&F, Vol 1)

Maura McHugh has a blog and a website

"The Nail", short script in Womanthology, forthcoming.
"Moments on a Cliff", All Hallows, forthcoming.
Jennifer Wilde, three-comic mini-series, co-authored with Rob Curley, 2011.
Roisin Dubh, three-comic mini-series, co-authored with Rob Curley, 2011.
"Water", Black Static 21, Feb 2011.
"Involuntary Muscle" Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #35, Nov 2010.
"The Solace of Dark Places" (poem), Goblin Fruit, Spring 2010.
"The Secret Names of Buildings", M-Brane SF #12, Jan 2010. (CW Week 6 Story)
"Empty Mind Came Back with the Pearl", M-Brane SF #9, Oct 2009. (CW Week 4 Story)
"Vic", Black Static #10, May 2009. Reprinted in Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2010, Prime Books, ed. Paula Guran. Podcast at Dark Fiction Magazine, 31 March 2011.
"Beautiful Calamity", Paradox #13, May 2009.
"The Diet", Arkham Tales #3, May 2009.
"The Tamga", Shroud Magazine #6, Spring 2009. Podcast at Pseudopod, 22 Jan 2010.
"Exchange" (poem), Goblin Fruit, Spring 2009.
"Grave Taster" (poem), 2nd place in Doorways Magazine #8, Oct 2008.
"Homunculus", Aoife's Kiss, Sept 2008.
"Home", Shroud Magazine #2, Spring 2008. Honorable Mention (Extended List), Year's Best Horror #1.
"Tattoo Destiny" (poem), Jabberwocky 3, Prime Books, ed. Sean Wallace, Jan 2008.
"Bone Mother", Fantasy, Prime Books, ed. Sean Wallace & Paul G. Tremblay, May 2007. Podcast in Pseudopod, 6 Feb 2009. (Honorable Mention, YBF&H #21) (CW Week 3 Story)
"In the Woods", Cabinet des Fees, May 2006.
"Who Hears our Cries in Forgotten Tongues?", Flash Me Magazine, Oct 2004, available to read on Maura's website.
"Mirror, Mirror", College Green, Aug 1993, available to read on Maura's website.

Shawn Scarber has a website.

"Skin Trade", Short & Twisted, Sept 2011.
"Burnt Benediction", M-Brane SF, August 2010.
"A Clockwork Break", Abyss and Apex, 2006 Q1. Reprinted in The Best of Abyss & Apex: Volume One, Hadley Rille, ed. Wendy S. Delmater, April 2009.

Gord Sellar has a website.

"The Clockworks of Hanyang", The Immersion Book of Steampunk, forthcoming.
"Trois morceaux en forme de mechanika", Clarkesworld, July 2011.
"Improperly Prepared Blowfish", Machine of Death, Fall 2010.
"The Broken Pathway", The Immersion Book of SF Vol 1., ed. Carmelo Rafala, Spring 2010.
"The Bodhisattvas", Subterranean, forthcoming. Translated into Korean by Kim Chang-gyu in One Million Light-Years of Solitude, Dec 2009.
"Sarging Rasmussen: A Report By Organic", SHINE Anthology, ed. Jetse de Vries, Spring 2010.
"Alone with Gandhari", Clarkesworld, March 2010.
"Location, Location, Relocation", six-word memoir in It All Changed in an Instant, Harper Perennial, ed. Larry Smith, Jan 2010.
"Of Melei, of Ulthar", Clarkesworld, October 2009. Honorable Mention, YBSF 27, ed. Gardner Dozois.
"Tian Zhu Jiao" (poem), Diet Soap #3, March 2009.
"Cai and her Ten Thousand Husbands", Apex Online, Feb 2009. Forthcoming in Descended from Darkness: Apex Magazine VOL. I, Apex Books, ed. Jason B. Sizemore, Dec 2009. Honorable Mention, YBSF 27, ed. Gardner Dozois.
"The Country of the Young", Interzone #219, Nov 2008. (CW Week 4 Story)
"Wonjjang and the Madman of Pyongyang", Tesseracts 12, Edge, ed. Claude Lalumiere, Nov 2008.
"Dhuluma No More", Asimov's, Oct/Nov 2008. Podcast in Starship Sofa #48, Nov 2008.
"Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons' Blues", Asimov's, July 2008. Podcast at Starship Sofa, 25 Mar 2009. Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction: 26, St. Martin's Press, ed. Gardner Dozois, June 2009. (CW Week 6 Story)
"Pahwakhe", Fantasy, 21 Jan 2008. Honorable Mention (Extended List), Year's Best Horror #1. Podcast at Podcastle, 2 May 2008. (CW Week 6 Story)
"The Egan Thief", Flurb #4, Sept 2007.
"Dyscrasia", Postcards From Hell, 5 Sept 2007.
"Junk", Nature, Aug 2007.

David A. Simons

"Mystery of Miranda", Intergalactic Medicine Show, August 2010.
"The Last Armedon", Kasma, March 2010. (CW Week 6 Story)
"Dr. Skenner's Special Animals", Analog, March 2010. Translated for the Russian magazine Esli. (CW Week 2 Story)
"Second String", Intergalactic Medicine Show #13, July 2009.
"The Fort in Vermont", Intergalactic Medicine Show #10, Nov 2008. (CW Week 4 Story)

Meghan Sinoff

"Shift", winner of the 2006 Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing, available to read on the Asimov's website.

Jim Trombetta can be found at imdb.

The Horror! The Horror!: Comic Books the Government Didn't Want You to Read!, non-fiction book from Abrams, November 2010.
"90 Share", Postscripts, Dec 2009. (CW Week 6 Story)

Tinatsu Wallace has a blog.

"A Womb of My Own", Triangulation: End of the Rainbow, Parsec Ink, ed. Bill Moran, July 2010.
"Chimera and Qi", Shimmer #9, Spring 2008. Honorable Mention (Extended List), Year's Best Horror #1. (CW Week 2 Story)

Caroline M. Yoachim has a blog and a website.

"Deathbed", Daily SF, 18 July 2011.
"Blood Willows", Podcastle, 24 July 2011.
"Shades of Orange", Daily SF, 23 May 2011.
"What Happens in Vegas", GUD Magazine #6, Fall 2010. (CW Week 4 Story)
"The Sometimes Child", Fantasy, 3 May 2010.
"Stone Wall Truth", Asimov's, Feb 2010. Escape Pod, 14 July 2011. Nebula nomination, 2011.
"Pageant Girls", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #42. Pseudopod, 6 May 2011.
"Tending the Mori Birds", Fantasy, 24 Sept 2009. Podcastle, 3 May 2011. (CW Week 2 Story)
"The Land of Empty Shells", Beneath Ceaseless Skies #20, 2 July 2009.
"The Best Last Choice I Ever Made", Talebones #38, Summer 2009.
"Setting My Spider Free", Electric Velocipede #17/18, Summer 2009. (CW Week 3 Story)
"Firefly Igloo", Shimmer #10, Mar 2009.
"Time to Say Goodnight", Fantasy, Dec 31st, 2007. (CW Week 5 Story)


Paul Park
Author of Celestis, If Lions Could Speak, and the Princess of Roumania series.

Maureen F. McHugh
Author of China Mountain Zhang, Nekropolis, and Mothers and other Monsters.

Ian R. MacLeod
Author of the Light Ages series, Breathmoss, and Past Magic.

Nalo Hopkinson
Author of Brown Girl in the Ring, Midnight Robber, and The New Moon's Arms.

Ellen Datlow
Co-Editor of the Snow White, Rose Red series, of the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror series, and editor of Inferno.

Vernor Vinge
Author of A Fire Upon the Deep, A Deepness in the Sky, and Rainbow's End.


Neile Graham
Author of the poetry collections Blood Memory and Seven Robins.

Leslie Howle
Head of NW Media Arts, a non-profit organization established to facilitate film and literary arts events.

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