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"witty & effervescent" - SLJ review for Seriously Wicked!

posted Apr 29, 2015, 8:11 AM by Tina Connolly
So thrilled to be able to share this lovely review for Seriously Wicked!

In Connolly’s witty, effervescent novel, mother-daughter angst and high school drama is spiced with a 21st-century flavor. The author constructs a magical and whimsical world, where ancient spells echo math word problems and Witchipedia is just a cell phone click away. Readers, especially those who are fans of fantasy and YA romance will adore this clever genre mash-up. 

Connolly has a gift for creating characters that are familiar teen archetypes yet written with engaging depth: from quirky Jenah who wears fishnet tights and claims to read auras to former-best-friend-turned-enemy Sparkle, whose mean-girl tendencies hide a deeper secret. In a refreshing turn from the tokenism prevalent in some teen fiction, several of the major characters are people of color and play pivotal roles in the protagonist’s life. Camellia herself is a heroine who grows in confidence as the pressure (and the plot) mounts and whose resourceful ingenuity (and knowledge of algebra and chemistry) will have female readers cheering. 

VERDICT This is the beginning of a fun yet sophisticated series that should win the author new fans.–Evelyn Khoo Schwartz, Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC (School Library Journal)