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Powell's was awesome, and some more seriously wicked round-up links!

posted May 6, 2015, 12:32 PM by Tina Connolly
Tina Connolly reading at Powell's, photo credit Andrew S. Fuller
I had a lovely time at Powell's Books last night! Thanks so much to everyone who came out (I wish I had gotten a picture, because it was a great crowd!)

But seriously, so many people helped by bringing homemade cookies, and taking pics, and tweeting, and sharing their wisdom during the Q&A and just generally being awesome, and THANK YOU ALL.

(Not to mention awesome Powell's event coordinators Renee and Peter, and as well a big thank you to my awesome publicist Desirae at Tor for sending over a giant poster, and amazing cupcakes from The Dessert Tray!)

Anyway, the other events are going to have to work preeeetty hard to keep up with the awesome audience at Powells. :D

Some more links for you!

I really liked doing this blog post about "The Hook" on Alex Shvartsman's blog (Powell's folks, this is the one I was telling you about.) I look at some of my original starting paragraphs for Seriously Wicked and tell you why they suck. :D

Here I am explicating a page from the book on the Page 69 test, wherein Devon tries to hide some pixie-frogs from Jenah.

Reviews! A kind shout-out to the book on the Barnes & Noble Teen blog, and some other nice early reviews from Rickus Bookshelf, Midnight Society Tales, a couple on the NY Journal of Books, and on Books YA Love.