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End of Year Wrap-Up, Belated

posted Jan 24, 2017, 9:31 AM by Tina Connolly   [ updated Jan 24, 2017, 10:13 AM ]
So it's the end of January. That's okay. The past few months have been...busy.

I'm cleaning up my Appearances page to put in the 2017 dates of where you can find me. Just like this time last year, I'm like, oh hey, that's not a super-packed schedule. But I expect it will change. :)

I went to so many cool events in 2016. I'm very grateful to everyone who made these possible, or came out to them.

I went to Norwescon, Houston Teen Book Con, BEA, Westercon, WorldCon, PNBA, World Fantasy, Wordstock, and Orycon.

I went to the Nebulas when Seriously Wicked was nominated for a Norton and to the OCTE conference when Seriously Wicked received an Oregon Spirit Book Award honor.

I traveled to a bunch of awesome bookstores and libraries for Seriously Wicked, On the Eyeball Floor, and Seriously Shifted: Barnes & Noble Bridgeport, Another Read Through (PDX), the University Bookstore (Seattle),  Powell's Cedar Hills, Corvallis-Benton County Library / Grass Roots Books, and Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego).

I taught at the League of Exceptional Writers - "Writing Dialogue with Sparkle & Snap" - at the Cedar Hills Powells in January. And in April, Caroline M. Yoachim and I taught a One-Day Workshop through Clarion West - "From Idea to Story".

And my new short play, "Silence", was performed several times by the Pulp Stage.

That's a lot of events! I'll wrap up publications in the next post. Thank you again for coming out to see me last year! I enjoyed every one of these events.